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Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

Electronic materials are sort of materials which are generally used as core rudiments during a kind of device operations. These rudiments can be LEDs, recollections, displays and could be simply seen in every day electronic widgets similar as tablets, GPS bias, LED bulbs, mobile phones, and computers, laptops, TVs and observers. Changing confines and position of functionality requires nonstop sweats to develop state of the art accoutrements to meet the technological challenges associated with development of these bias. Optic materials are substances which are used to manipulate the inflow of sun. This can include reflecting, absorbing, fastening or unyoking an optic ray. The effectiveness of a named material at each task is explosively wavelength dependent, therefore a full understanding of the commerce between light and matter is significant. Magnetic materials are materials used substantially for his or her glamorous parcels. A material is response to an applied glamorous flux are frequently characterized as diamagnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic.

• Electronic Materials and Devices

• Quantum Materials

• Diamagnetism

• Point Defects, Doping and Extended Defects

• Ferromagnetism

• Nanofabrication and Processing

• Paramagnetism

• Nonlinear Optical Materials

• Antiferromagnetism

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