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Functional Materials

Functional materials are generally characterised as those materials which retain particular native parcels and functions of their own. For illustration, ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, magnetism or energy storehouse functions. Functional materials are plant in all classes : ceramics, metals, polymers and organic motes. Functional materials are frequently used in electromagnetic operations from KHz to THz and at optic frequentness where the plasmonic parcels of essence assume particular significance. Functional materials are also of critical significance in accoutrements for energy similar as electro-and magnetocaloric materials, for energy storehouse and for solar harvesting functions. A special type of functional paraphernalia is synthesized with a large face to volume rate, in order to maximize their commerce with the terrain. Typical illustrations are functional shells and functional patches. The disquisition on their emulsion and their characterization is vital for future technologies.

• Physical Electronics

• Molecular Thin Films

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