Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry is the section omaterials Science and Engineering that investigates the chemical nature of accoutrements. This is a fast- growing and largely interdisciplinary area with veritably flexible boundaries. Materials chemistry involves the operation of chemistry for the design and conflation of accoutrements with potentially functional physical characteristics, similar as catalytic, glamorous, optic and structural parcels. It also involves the characterization, processing and molecular- position understanding of these substances. Functional accoutrements are erecting blocks of ultramodern society and play a critical part in the elaboration of technology. Accoutrements chemistry is unique in furnishing the intellectual foundation to design, produce, and understand new forms of matter, let it be organic, inorganic, or cold-blooded accoutrements.

 Organic & InorganicChemistry
•  Theoretical Chemistry
•  Catalysis
 Green chemistry
 Analytical chemistry
•  Organic and inorganic Substances
•  Micro and macro molecules
 Atomic structure and interatomic bonding

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